Kaypacha Healing FestivalThanks for visiting Kaypacha’s Healing Festival!

This is the Turning of the Ages; a momentous transformation of consciousness permeating all creation and in particular, US!. Tremendous spiritual forces are at work exposing new relationships in the worlds of science, healing, philosophy, economics, and all other realms of life. The mounting number of crises we are facing personally and collectively are actually opportunities for us to embrace life in a new and different way.

The Kaypacha Healing Festival Tour is one such opportunity.  The call at this time in human history is to rebalance the masculine/feminine polarity, to regain inner balance, heal, and return to joy.  These festivals will provide people with an opportunity to reconnect with their roots, Mother Nature and Father Sky and to experience again the mystery, magic, and power of Life AS A COMMUNITY OF SPIRITUAL BEINGS.

We will gather together all ages, from all walks of life, to camp in natural surroundings for 3 days, and through ceremony, ritual, movement, astrology, kirtan, dancing, channeling and more, experience the reality of Spirit dwelling within each of us, the community, and our Earth. This is no movie. No drugs, no alcohol, absolutely nothing is needed to access the reality of deep mysteries that are now revealing themselves to the right people, at the right time, in the right places, with the right intention. We are those people, this is the time and place, and this is our intention!  

Imagine yourself awakening to a beautiful sunrise drumming ceremony, calling in the directions and welcoming all spirit guidance together as a community.  After a fresh organic breakfast, you will have a choice of three different presentations ranging from astrology and singing, to yoga and dance.  Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to learn many different means of accessing spirit guidance within, relationship development, yoga/meditation techniques and more.  There will be massage therapists, spirit readers and channeling sessions available, along with personal astrology readings and life coaching.

This is a weekend to relax, rejuvenate, connect with spirit, your body, and your truth.  After a day of exploring the many avenues toward spirit awakening, we will join together as a community in the evening for chanting, kirtan, dancing, music, and merry-making.  After our sunset ceremony and dinner, we will all gather in the big top tent and raise the roof!  Please click on the Program of Events page for a full listing of who will be presenting and how you and your family can participate! And don’t miss the amazing Kids & Teens Camp festivities!


Festival activities will include:

  • Astrology
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Family Constellations
  • Meditation
  • Counseling/Energy Work
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Throat Chakra Healing
  • Kirtan
  • Full Kids Program
  • Camping Included
  • Channeling
  • Massage/Body Work
  • Nature & Indigenous Ceremony
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Divination
  • Reconnective Healing
  • Shakti Dance
  • Body Memory Recall
  • Sound Healing
  • Body Rolling
  • Delicious Organic Food


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